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We Newspaper

WE newspaper is а free issue of Business Park Sofia distributed at the BPS area. Our goal is to inform you for important and interesting events in the social life in and outside Business Park Sofia. Our purpose is also to give our tenant companies and employees the opportunity to share interesting and useful information for everyone to enjoy. We aim at writing this newspaper in cooperation with our readers as they are a vital part of the social life in the Park. Let’s make WE one really interactive issue. We can publish an article for your corporate event, promotional activity or advertising campaign. We will be also glad if you share any ideas with us. Do not hesitate to send us your pictures, stories, travel notes, drawings or any other creative materials. We believe that there is a potential author, photographer or an artist hidden in each one of you. Give a chance for the creativity in yourself.
Send us an email:  management@businesspark-sofia.com.