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As part of Air Liquide Group, Air Liquide Bulgaria is a leading producer and supplier of industrial gases on the Bulgarian market since 1999. The company operates 2 air separation units - in Pernik and Pirdop - which produce Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.
The gaseous and liquid products supplied by Air Liquide Bulgaria can be used in various industrial applications such as metallurgy, welding and cutting, refineries, chemical and petrochemical, food & beverages, pulp & paper and many others.
We offer customer-tailored delivery solutions. Our gases can be supplied in gas cylinders, insulated cryogenic liquid trucks or by pipeline networks. We also offer on-site solutions which are designed to produce gases directly on the customer's site.
Our commitment to technology and production capability allows providing innovative customer-orientated solutions and services which help our customers to improve their efficiency and performance quality, safety and environment protection.

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Fax: 00 359 2 489 92 85


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