DSK Bank

Building: Building 8

Industry: Banks

DSK Bank is the absolute leader in retail banking and undoubtedly the most popular bank in Bulgaria. Orientated also to developing the business activities of the corporate clients and to financing of small-, medium-sized and micro enterprises, DSK Bank is establishing itself in these segments as well as a demanded and preferred partner. DSK Bank enjoys the largest and densest branch network in Bulgaria and hence an incomparable infrastructure to provide its services. The Bank has a good knowledge of the local potential and guarantees a high level of servicing through an individual approach and a full range of banking products and services.

DSK Bank’s leading position in a number of segments on the Bulgarian banking market is a result of its aspiration for an optimal combination of traditions and constant renewal, of its commitment to build up and maintain high standards in banking.

Tel.: 00 359 2 489 99 89 / 801 05 36

Fax: 00 359 2 974 27 85


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