Medicheck Medical Center

Building: Building 8

Industry: Health

Medicheck Medical Center offers comprehensive healthcare services, including diagnostics and ambulatory treatment, consultations, preventive healthcare, clinical laboratory and imaging testing, manipulations, monitoring of pregnancy and children up to the age of 18, treatment consults, vaccinations,and hospital referrals depending on the patient’s condition. The Medical Center’ operation fully satisfies the criteria for good medical practice and is functioning in accordance with the country’s standard regulations.Quite a large portion of the Medical Center’s activity is dedicated to the compulsory yearly prophylactic checkups of the employees of various companies, ambulatory services and assessment and recommendations for temporary and permanent disability. Within the context of the specialized pre-hospital care and prophylaxis, Medicheck Medical Center is successfully cooperating with its own Labor Medicine Department and the Bulgaria Zdrave Private Health Insurance Company.

Tel.: 00 359 2 489 58 69

       00 359 884 256 744


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