GrECo JLT Bulgaria

Building: Building 2

Industry: Insurance

Independent family company since 1925.
The GrECo Group is a privately owned stock company. The headquarters are situated in the traditional east-west business hub Vienna. For over 80 years the company has been operating in risk and insurance management.
The GrECo Group is characterized by sufficient resources in equity capital,
a lean organisational structure and qualified employees.

Leading insurance broker in CEE / SEE / CIS
Since the fall of the Iron Curtain GrECo has been performing pioneer work in the region. Today the GrECo Group is the leading insurance broker and consultant in CEE / SEE / CIS. The Group distinguishes itself from its competitors in an extensive office network.

Tel.: 00 359 2 868 33 53

Fax: 00 359 2 868 32 35



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