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Free Easter Fight

April 2012



Battle of the eggs

Participation rules:

All employees of tenant companies from BPS, excluding the employees and subcontractor companies of AREM related to the management of BPS and members of their families can participate in the tournament.

Battle date:

The Battle of the eggs will be held on April the 17th 2012. The starting hour is 12:30 p.m. The battleground is the Trellis/Pergola next to building 7.

To sign up for the battle:

All willing and allowed parties can register for participation in the tournament until April 11th by contacting BPS office by phone on: + 359 2 489 96 79, +359 2 489 90 81 or email: gvladeva@arcocapital.com

The application form is available HERE.

Please, fill in and send back to gvladeva@arcocapital.com


Battle rules:

  • The battles will be executed according to the rules of direct elimination.
  • Everyone who registers will be allowed to take part in the tournament.
  • Every competitor is allowed to take place in the Battle with one egg only.
  • Only competitors with eggs in the categories S, M, L and XL from hens will be allowed in the tournament.
  • No additional armor and solid coating of the eggs will be allowed in the tournament. Only commercial egg paints and non solid ornaments are allowed to be used for decoration of the battling eggs.
  • The opponents will face each other in direct elimination and will be selected by a random lot draw.
  • The competitors have the right make only one strike with the sharp/front end of the egg. The judge declares who will strike and who will defend by a coin flip.
  • After the strike, the player who has the egg with no damage on it will advance to the next round of the Battle and the player with the damaged/broken egg will be eliminated from the tournament.


The winner of the Battle will be the player with the only egg with no damage after the final Battle.