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"Give a family, not flowers for 8th of March"

March 2014

8th of March is a special day on which most of us honor and thank our mothers, who gave us life and took care of us. For more than 4,000 Bulgarian children, abandoned at social institutions, 8th of March is an ordinary day of the year, because they grow up in loneliness and isolation. This year we devote 8th of March to them and their dream – to have a mother one day.

"Give a family, not flowers for 8th of March" is the motto of the newest charitable campaign which For Our Children Foundation organizes in support of children without maternal love, because they are in need of the most precious – a caring and loving family in every day of the year.

The idea behind "Give a family, not flowers for 8th of March" is to provoke people to donate the money in support of the abandoned children instead of buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a luxurious box of chocolates for their beloved lady and mother. The campaign offers an opportunity for donation of baby products, with which parents can be more confident and secure in raising their children at home.

The funds, raised during the campaign "Give a family, not flowers for 8th of March" will be used for purchasing infant formula, baby food, diapers and other products. After the completion of the campaign, we will summarize information about all raised funds and donated products and we will publish a list on our website and facebook webpage.

Everyone can show their support by donating a sum of their own choice online via PayPal or ePay, via bank account or by donating baby products in some of our centers.

List of the baby products that you can donate:

• Adapted milk;
• Baby food – with fruit, vegetable, meat;
• Diapers in different sizes;
• Feeding-bottles, baby soothers, baby thermometer, hair brush, baby nail clippers and other baby accessories;
• Wet wipes, shampoo, anti diaper rash products and other cosmetics;
• Baby baths;
• Newborn baby sets and other baby clothing;
• A bath towel, a blanket, bed sheets;