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Fox Optics celebrate 10 years in BPS

June 2014

FOX Optics turns 18 years old and announced 18% discount from the price of all its products for the occasion. The discount is valid in each of the eight optics of the chain in Sofia.
FOX Optics situated in Business Park Sofia has its personal anniversary - 10 years in Building 10. Already a decade FOX Optics provides professional services and quality products to the business people. The anniversary is a perfect occasion for the optics to offer its clients form the Business Park Sofia with a VAT discount for each purchase.
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For its 18 years FOX Optics is already approved company in the care for the health and beauty of the vision. Each of the optics has a cabinet for eye check, through which the FOX's specialists define precisely the most suitable glasses for each client. When buying prescription glasses each sight examination is free.
As long-term goals FOX Optics set the offering guaranteed and high-technological optical products from global manufacturers on optimal price and creating a hygiene eye health and prophylaxis of the clients' visual apparatus. The optics have developed a social policy for children, elderly people and visually impaired people.
The perfect assembly of the glasses is essential for the full protection and correction of the vision. FOX's specialists guarantee high quality work and installation of eyeglasses and sunglasses.
FOX are the only Optics that offers manually modeling of forms of the glasses with encrusted with crystals, zircons, figures and others.
FOX offers full warranties, service and support.
FOX’s staff is perfectly trained and has professional attitude to each client.
Recognition for the FOX's customer survice is the Forbes’s award in category "Clients policy", received in 2012, which annually distinguishes the best practices in Bulgaria.
The minimum warranty for a FOX’s product is two years. SEIKO’s eyeglasses have 3-years fabric warranty. That means that if a client changes his prescription in 2-3 years, the fabric warranty of his glasses will be valid for the whole period. Each element of the French frames and sunglasses MINIMA has 10-years guarantee. A damaged detail could be replaced as soon as possible - from several hours to a few days.
In each Optics of the chain customers can find a wide variety of frames and sunglasses from reputable companies, also eyeglasses, contact lenses and supplies from the most prestigious manufacturers. For the perfect condition of the glasses wide range of cases, cleaners, chains and other accessories are available in the Optics. FOX Optics is Eschenbach's direct importer which allows them to have in stock devices for people with low vision, magnifying glasses and binoculars. Also there is opportunity for order.
It is the diversity of products and customer care that gain the trust of the clients and build FOX's reputation for 18 years.