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May 2015

The 4th edition of the football tournament for the Cup of Business Park Sofia is over. 46 teams divided into 12 groups took part in the competition.

After the sifting, 16 teams continued forward and, at that the principle of direct elimination, they fought for the ranking from the eighth to the first and, respectively, win the Cup. The best eight teams were United Bulgarian Bank, Codix, Alpha Bank, Adecco United, AFC Sofica, The Troubleshooters (C3i), Hewlett Packard and Sofiyska Voda 1.

The grand finale turned out to be a copy of the one in 2014, as Sofiyska Voda 1 and Hewlett Packard met again. In a very attractive match, none of the teams managed to prevail in the regular time – a draw 1: 1. Nikolai Paraskevov (Sofiyska Voda 1) opened after the break and the top-scorer of Hewlett Packard - Alexander Zhivkov leveled ten minutes before the end of the match. In penalties, good luck turned away from the "Water" and Hewlett Packard snatched the trophy for a second consecutive championship victory, being 100% success rate in the penalties for the final 7: 6.

The first eight teams received trophies, medals, team awards and prizes provided by Business Park Sofia.

Final Rank:

Hewlett Packard - winner

Sofiyska Voda 1 - 2nd place

AFC Sofica – 3rd place

The Troubleshooter (C3i) – 4th place

Alpha Bank – 5th place

Adecco Utd – 6th place

UBB – 7th place

Codix – 8th place

Individual awards:

Best goalkeeper: Teodor Milev (AFC Sofica)

Scorer: Yoviyan Jonkov (Sofiyska Voda 1) - 22 goals

The most useful player Nikolay Nikolov (Hewlett Packard)

Most loyal audience: BNP Paribas

Along with the emotions in men’s matches, this year was the launch of the female football tournament for the Cup of Business Park Sofia. With a surprising number of loyal fans the girls from BNP Paribas LF (Dream Girls) and Sofica Group (Crazy Muffins) mastered the courage to participate in its first edition. And to make it a real entertainment the tournament scheme entered Baby Zone Project – a ladies’ team, sent out by the host of the event - "Sports Zone" complex.

And as the championship is a corporate "wellness" event of Business Park Sofia, the winner of the cup was to be pointed by the match between Crazy Muffins and Dream Girls. Neither team scored in a regular time and at the penalties the Sofica girls were more concentrated and ultimately took the with gold medals after winning 1:0. The participants received trophies, medals, as well as individual gifts for each lady.

Plamena Staneva (Crazy Muffins, Sofica Group) was undoubtedly the most useful player.

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