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BPS Streetball Domino’s Cup 2015

October 2015

Over 30 teams made up of employees in companies based in BPS embarked on the pilot edition of the BPS Streetball Domino's Cup 2015.


On the Park territory two fields with grandstands, professional hoops and flooring were built-up, and for the cheer of players and audience, the partners of the event – Domino's Pizza, Sprite, Nestle and Carlsberg provided pizza, beer, soft drinks, water and ice-cream.


Within three days 66 matches were played and the big four teams to reach the last phase were All Day (Codix, Carlsberg, HPE), the Machines (HPE), Reunion (HPE) and United Ballers (HPE).


The winner was the team of All Day (Ivan Gadjev Vasil Modev Martin Sofroniev Ivan Gatev), who won the semifinal match against the Machines (HPE) with 21:16, and in the final beat United Ballers (Todor Enev, Nikolai Enev , Evstati Evstatiev, Orlin Raspberry) 13: 7.

In the small final the Machines (Ognyan Nankov, Daniel Vutkov, Ivaylo Petkov, Tsvetelin Tsokov) defeated their opponents from the Reunion (Pavel Stoyanov, Janko Shumkov Diane Sokolov, Cyril Anev) by 9: 6 and swapped the bronze medals.


The individual awards went to:

MVP Men: Martin Sofroniev (ALL DAY)

MVP ladies: Diana Chavdarova (Silent Fireballs)

Best dunk: Vasil Modev (ALL DAY)

Winner of the three-pointer contest: Evstati Evstatiev (United Ballers)


Along with cups and medals, all winners received prizes provided by BPS, as well as vouchers from Domino's Pizza.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/BPS-Streetball-151325335213387/photos_stream

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