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BPS Ski & Snowboard Cup 2018

February 2018

On 21 February 2018, the fourth edition of Business Park Sofia Ski & Snowboard Cup took place.

In contrast with the Arctic cold that came to the event in 2017, this year the mountain was entirely on our side - minus 3 degrees Celsius, windless, thick snow cover, well-tracked race and, just before the start, even the fog lifted.

At Vitoshko Lale, as usual, it was extremely interesting. For the first time, the four champions in each discipline were from one company - DXC Technology.

Traditionally, the most exciting was the competition in the ladies' ski where, after a year's pause, Maria Shisheva (DXC Technology) managed to regain her title from Dimitrina Tishinova (Concentrix), overtaking her with two hundredths of a second! The podium in the discipline was formed by Bogdanna Divitakova (Telenor), who repeated her best from 2015.

1 Sheisha Maria (DXC Technology) 32.83 32.23 1: 05.06

2 Tichinova Dimitrina (Concentrix) 32.16 32.92 1: 05.08

3 Divitakova Bogdanna (Telenor) 32.56 34.91 1: 07.47

With the lady boarders, Kalina Domuschieva from DXC Technology showed she had worked hard on her sporting form during the past year and after 9th place in 2017, won the gold with more than a second of lead. The silver medal remained for the second consecutive year with Mariela Vassileva from HP Inc. and Anna Mannyarova was third, bringing the only medal for Sofiyska Voda.

1 Domuschieva Kalina (DXC Technology) 41.93 43.40 1: 25.33

2 Vasileva Mariela (HP Inc.) 42.96 42.97 1: 25.93

3 Mannyrova Ana (Sofiyska Voda) 42.96 44.79 1: 27.75

The DXC Technology hegemony men-boarders was total. The champion became Alexander Filipov, followed by a little more than a second by his colleague Andrey Tsolev, and third managed to finish one of the few representatives of Atos - bronze and admirations for Veselin Genadiev.

1 Filipov Alexander (DXC Technology) 35.20 38.23 1: 13.43

2 Tsolev Andrey (DXC Technology) 37.37 38.83 1: 16.20

3 Genadiev Veselin (ATOS) 37.61 39.07 1: 16.68

In the ski men's category, the victory was for Roman Atanassov (DXC Technology), who scored best times in both races and deserved the fastest skier in BPS for at least one year. Second was Vassil Valchev (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), who offered a superb racing style and the third place was for last year's champion Petko Choievski (HP Inc.).

1 Atanasov Roman (DXC Technology) 29.51 31.13 1: 00.64

2 Valchev Vasil (HP Enterprise) 30.60 32.66 1: 03.26

3 Chowski Petko (HP Inc.) 31.94 31.59 1: 03.53

Thank you to everyone who has attended! We also thank our partners – the event supporters Tre P, Carlsberg and Unilever event.

See you soon!

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