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BPS Volks Джага 2018

July 2018

In the month when the world is FOOTBALL, Business Park Sofia and Volkswagen identified the "World Champion" in a human foosball contest. The fun version of the classic game brought joyful emotions and experiences to both players and spectators. Even if only 7 minutes each, the matches turned out to be quite a challenge for the physical shape of otherwise sports-active employees of the BPS companies.

On the third and final day, the group winners showed up in the national teams’ T-shirts of the eighth-finalists in Russia, World Cup 2018. Unlike the World Cup taking parallel place, BPS Volks Джага 2018 first 4 were: 

  • 1st place - DP Squad, DXC Technology - Uruguay
  • 2nd place - Horsepower, Porsche BG - England
  • 3rd place - Trees, DXC Technology - Croatia
  • 4th place - Archun, DXC Technology - Belgium

The winners received awards from Volkswagen.

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