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Bus Service No 413 to Reach BPS

August 2008

Bus service No 413 has been improved with 10 new bus stops in the immediate vicinity of BPS, effective from September 1, 2008. The route extension follows the successful collaboration between the BPS management, Sofia Municipality, Mladost District and the Sofia Public Transport Company. The new bus stops have been donated to the Mladost district by Business Park Sofia, Technopolis, Como, Landmark, Kambanite Business Center, Industrial Commerce, Arena and Globul. "The initiative, as well as the organization of financing, shows a good example of a successful collaboration between the business and local authorities. As representatives of the investor and BPS managers, we aim to create a comfortable environment for all people working here. All Mladost district residents and visitors will also benefit from the route extension.", said Teodora Angelova, BPS Manager. The new bus stops are located in front of bl. 323 (Mladost 3), bl. 325 (Mladost 3), bl. 437 (Mladost 4), BPS (building 4), Arena Cinema and Technopolis. When the Mladost metro station becomes a fact (hopefully in 2009, as planned) bus No 413 will provide one of the fastest links to Mladost 4 and BPS.

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