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Where is the egg?

March 2010

In line with the holiday spirit, WE now declares the launch of a quest for all those with adventurous spirit and detective skills. Starting March 31, ten Easter eggs will lie hidden somewhere in the common areas of Business Park Sofia, waiting to be found. The eggs are made of wood, especially for this quest and nine of them will bring the bearer funny Easter gifts. One of them will earn the bearer a free holiday trip for two.
Mission: Find the egg.
Search pe rimeter: Common outside areas of Business Park Sofia (without the interior of the buildings)
Time frame: March 31, 2010 (start of working hours) – April 09, 2010 (end of working hours)
Agents eligible: Employees of occupant companies of Business Park Sofia
Red egg: Big prize – free holiday trip for two
Multiple-colour eggs: Smaller funny gifts
The point is to find one (or more) of the eggs and bring them to our office in building 8, entrance A, floor 7 before the deadline. Don’t forget that the egg for the big prize, that is the free holiday tip for two, is RED. The rest are painted in various colours. And since this is a quest, here are some general tips regarding the location of the eggs:

  • It waits above the heads of passers-by, it waits for them to see it standing, it hides behind wooden beams but will not succumb to winds.
  • It is at the base of one of man’s oldest inventions.
  • Snuggled in the racket near the water, in а tiny colourful hut, it does not swim, it does not run, it simply lies beneath the sun.
  • If you sit, you will be inches away, look behind your back, in a stone wall, a lake before you, a shop opposite.
  • It has dried out, for now, but a secret lies in the granite – invisible to passers-by, under the edge, behind four cubes.
  • Building 10 a secret hides, its main entrance nearby, just turn your back to the site and look in the green to your right.
  • It does not read the papers but it somehow landed on a florist’s hat; it sometimes gets rained on but someone will soon take it down.
  • An egg on a crossroad, giving directions to buildings in the park, it hurries to help at the entry and quietly waits like a sentry.
  • Meant for Easter but its hiding place reminds of Christmas really, hanging somewhere in the Kraft building, it is high and it is low.
  • Hidden in the centre of the park, somewhere between buildings 5 and 8, advertising is not exactly its strength but somehow it ended in it.

Employees of Arco Real Estate Management Ltd., a well as of any Arco subcontractors engaged in Business Park Sofia maintenance are not eligible for the quest.

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